2023! Spring

Hello there,

I hope you have been staying warm these past few weeks. It is crazy to think that it is already 2023. It feels a bit surreal how fast time flies by. At the moment I am taking five courses this semester. The class that is work-heavy would be my Teaching Marketing class. The first week of the semester my professor assigned a 40-page reading. I was a bit startled by this start but it was manageable. Not only is this class quite work-heavy, but I also find it to be the most interesting. Another course I found interesting is my Data-Driven class which is helping me develop my analytical skills! I am hoping to have a successful semester. This means that I will pass my classes and be the individual I want to be in the end. Like always, my goals are to stay motivated, be physically and mentally healthy, and be on top of my classes.




I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! There were so many things to be thankful for this year. My family, friends, education, and good health. I am nearing the end of the semester. I am not sure how to feel. I am pretty excited for winter break but also a bit flustered about how fast time is passing by. There is so much to be completed in the next few weeks! One of the major assignments that I am stressing about is a ten page proposal for my writing class. The proposal is about reframing police training and removing possible biases recruits may have. I have to do quite a lot of research to turn in an informative and persuading assignment. I also have three other papers to write for different classes and two group projects. I believe I can handle these if I manage my time wisely. My favorite lesson I learned this month was discussing the difference between passion and purpose. Many leaders encourage students to do what they love but there could be many factors preventing them from doing so. Some experts argue that finding your purpose over passion can be a greater motivator in your life. This I found very interesting. I am still trying to stay motivated in school, working out, and self-discipline! I will make sure to pass my classes! 

Until next time

Junior year!


It has been a while, I hope everyone is doing great! I can’t believe I am already into my junior year of college. Time flies by so fast. I spent my summer working two jobs and hanging out with my family. Definitely feels like the last spring semester was just last week. It has become more chiller outside, a part of me is looking forward to the cold weather. So far the start of the semester has been going pretty smoothly! I am currently taking five courses. My favorite class so far it’s called societies at work. In that class we look at how technology/robots may impact different fields whether positively or negatively. The most overwhelming part of my classes has been keeping up with all the readings. I was warned by my professors that they are lengthy and boring. Though I believe that some are quite interesting. Also, there are quite a lot of papers that have to be done. My personal goals for this semester remain the same as my last. To be healthy both physically and mentally, to find motivation, and pass my classes! 

Until next time! 


I am one month closer to finishing my sophomore year! It feels like just yesterday that I started the semester! I felt productive and quite refreshed throughout this month. One of the main reasons why is because I remodeled my bedroom. I changed the carpet and even painted it! This was something I have been wanting to do for a few years now. Also, I have been feeling productive. This is because I have been trying to do most of my work at the beginning of the week. I have three online classes and I usually get the whole week to complete modules, but I have been pushing myself to finish most things once they open up. This has given me more free time and has lowered my stress levels. There were times where it became difficult to motivate myself to do some work but somehow I stuck to it!

 So far my favorite class is Advertising in Society, it is very eye opening on the trends of advertising and how impactful they can be. One interesting thing was learning about different niche tactics companies use. One example is putting facial recognition on mannequins throughout stores to identify customer’s race and age. It’s scary to think how advertisers get their data and how accurate they can be when personalizing ads! I also really enjoy my piano class. I have been learning a lot! I recently got my first high-five from my piano professor. This was big to me because he rarely does that haha. Music theory really makes my brain cells hurt but it is so fun to learn. I have also decided to start finding an internship and a new part-time job. Hopefully this decision comes soon. I hope to continue staying CONSISTENT with working out, my school work, and avoiding continuous coffee purchases! 

Until next time!


Hello! I hope everyone has been doing well. This month was full of interesting moments! The weather is an example of this. Within a week we experienced both winter and spring. One day it was 40 degrees fahrenheit, then on the next, there was a snow storm. I found this very interesting to say the least. Not only has the weather been “amusing”, but my education and personal life was as well throughout this month. 

My classes have been very interesting so far! The challenging part of my classes is that there are multiple readings to keep track of every week. I’ve learned to enjoy writing notes on the chapters I read about. After years I finally found a format to take notes that not only organizes my thoughts but also highlights the main topics! I have been using the Cornell notes style for the longest time, it was time for a change! I also decided to learn how to play piano. This was something that I have been trying to learn for the longest. It is very exciting and I definitely still need lots of practice to get it down. Another one of my favorite classes is my Advertising class. We focus on the role ads have in society how impactful they can be both negatively and positively. I have many papers and a midterm coming up so my schedule has been quite packed this week. I am very much excited and in need of spring break! 

My goals have stayed the same, to find motivation in my work and to stay healthy both mentally and physically. The things that I have done to accomplish these are set a schedule and learn something new. I like to organize my day, and make a list of things I have to tackle. I like the feeling of crossing off a task! I guess that is a way I get a spark of motivation. Also I decided to learn how to snowboard. It is very challenging and very different from skiing, which I am quite familiar with. I really do enjoy it. Also, I have been trying my best to work out on a daily basis, but it is something I still need to improve on by actually committing to my workout schedule. 

In the end, I enjoyed what this month had to offer. I can’t wait for spring break! Hope you all have a great week!



I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! So many things happened in November! It was both thrilling and quite stressful. Although I am sad my favorite month is over, I can definitely say I enjoyed my mini break! It is a bit surreal to think this semester is almost over! So far my classes have been going pretty smoothly. In my statistics class, there was a time where it was a bit difficult to follow along with the instructions. Most of the lectures revolve around a PDF document, and it can get a bit difficult following along the different pages discussed (the PDF is around 200 pages of notes). We are also required to do a project using the R-Program. The project I decided to do was compare the prices of different items in Walmart and Target. So far, the instructions have been pretty clear. The stressful part of the month was the midterms! There was so much to study and many formulas to memorize. The part that was a bit difficult for me was knowing when to use what formula for test-statistics (different tests and different end goals). My soccer class also had a midterm! The midterm was a soccer match, it was very exciting and served as a stress reliever for me. 

During my break I really just layed down and relaxed. I watched Netflix shows and a new spark of motivation started. I suddenly became interested in enhancing my knowledge through books. This could be in anything, philosophy, the human mind, emotions, the art of war, ect. If there are any recommendations do let me know! I celebrated many birthdays this month. One of them was my birthday! I still haven’t completely grasped the fact that I turned 20 years old. It’s very sad to say goodbye to my childhood, but the childish side of me will follow me for a while longer. Thanksgiving was also celebrated this month. There are many things I am thankful for. My family, my friends, my education, my opportunities, and my life. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and continue rooting for my success.

Until next time!



It is always shocking to know how fast time is going by! It is already November and I am quite excited for the coming holidays! In the month of October, I tried to focus on finding myself again. I decided to start another class, soccer! I made this decision because, ever since I made the goal of trying to stay active, I feel like I’ve been failing it. So I thought, what better way to gain my stamina back than to join a class revolving around my favorite sport! It is only a half-semester class but I think I will really benefit from this, both physically and mentally. Now that October is over, we are past midterms! Midterms were a bit rough for me. Trying to memorize all the different formulas for my classes was pretty hard. When midterms were over, the feeling of stress was still with me. To try to lower this, I took one day off. Something interesting that happened in October was that I was given a drum set! It was a very random gift from my uncle, which I am very grateful for!  I’ve never played the drums before and it has always been something that I have wanted to try. I bet my parents are tired of them already! 

I hope next month is better for me.

Until next time!

Fall Semester 2021

Hello again!

I can’t believe I am already one month into this semester! I am delighted to share that I am finally getting the in-person college experience I was hoping for. Although there are many things I still want to be a part of (clubs),  I am satisfied by being able to be on campus amongst my peers. So far my schedule for the first few weeks has been quite packed. Mainly packed with assignments. Time management was one of my goals for this semester as well as organization. After being in the online format for almost two years, not only was I excited to come back to in-person but I was also a bit anxious. Anxious about not being able to manage my tasks and time correctly. I do feel like I can improve on my time management, but in the end, it is a work in progress! 

I am taking four courses this semester, Calculus, Statistics, Introduction to Csci, and Physics. So far I think my classes are going well. In my statistics class, we have mainly been focusing on probability and using the R-program. There isn’t much instruction with this program, but I am hoping to become familiar with this! As for my physics course, this is my only online class. I joined this class almost two weeks late so I was a bit behind on everything! It was quite stressful to catch up but with my professor’s help, I was able to be on track! There are times where I get confused or challenged in my CSCI and Calc course. For my CSCI I understand each individual part of a code but were needing to piece many parts together, I sometimes overthink and get confused. In the end, I make sure to ask questions and try to resolve my confusion. Lastly, for my calculus class, I actually had a midterm yesterday! I prioritized studying this week and when finally finishing it, I had a sense of relief! Having four core classes can be quite hectic but somehow I am managing.

My goals for this semester are to stay motivated, stay organized, enhance my time-management skills, and continue to keep a positive attitude. I know there will be many challenges throughout this semester so I hope I can learn from them and overcome them. 

Until next time! 

Summer 2021

Hello again, it’s been a while!

Wow, summer has gone by so fast. I’ve done so much during my break and am thankful that I got the chance to be carefree for a while. Not only did I get the chance to spend more time with my family, but I also was able to get out of my house more. Looking back at summer 2020, I rarely went outdoors. I stayed in my room-cave everyday and wasn’t able to enjoy the summer feeling, emotion, and weather as much as I wanted to. Over time, the Covid-19 restrictions have slowly been taken down. By getting vaccinated and continuing to wear a mask, life has almost gone back to normal. Even now, I have been trying to go out more before the start of the fall semester. 

When summer first started, I remember feeling empty. That was since I didn’t have anything else to stress about, I had finished my last task of the semester. My last task was to attend and do  a final. I remember staying up that night to prepare for it and only got 3 hours of sleep! Once I turned in my test, it was hard to believe that I had nothing else to do. I just sat on my bed for a minute deciding my next move. A part of me was thrilled and another part of me was confused. I had gotten used to always having something to do (school related). I was free. My mind couldn’t grasp that even after I woke up from my long nap. I decided that I should relax for a week, no going out and minimal socializing. I really enjoyed that. I caught up on recommended Netflix Shows, continued to read the Harry Potter series, and played video games. After that I decided I needed to go out! Throughout this summer I had the opportunity to go eat at many restaurants! My lovely aunt continued to invite me to different restaurants. The only restaurant that I was familiar with was Applebees. By hanging out with my aunt, I tried Chili’s, The Pancake House, Buffalo Wild Wings, Outback Steakhouse,  The Cheesecake Factory, and many other small places! These were all new to me. The food was amazing in every place! I especially loved the cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. It really lived up to its name haha! Other than going out to try new food, I also spent lots of time with my family and friends.

While at home, me and my family would watch tons of movies! We would binge the Marvel and Harry Potter movies. Every friday we would go to our nearby field to play soccer with my uncles. There was this one time where we went to the field, there were more people than usual. Apparently my uncles had set up a game against their friends! It was very entertaining to see the game! There were many people in the audience too! There were family members I hadn’t seen in months there! It was nice to see and catch up with everyone. My sisters and I went canoeing just recently. The weather was perfect so I wanted to spend it outdoors. We found a nice park and relaxed. There was a large playground that my sisters played at while I chilled in my hammock. When we were leaving we saw that we could rent a canoe, so we decided to do that. It was my youngest sister’s first time canoeing and it looked like she really enjoyed it. As for the time I spent with my friends, I believe this is the first summer where me and my friends hang out almost every week. We would go get Starbucks and go on walks. One time we went to get our nails done together for the first time! It was a pleasing experience. I wasn’t able to hang out with them as much during the last few weeks since they were out of town. I am hoping to see them before school starts to catch up.

There is a week left until my fall semester begins! I am both excited and anxious. After almost two years of going to school online, I am excited to go in person and finally live the college experience I was hoping for in freshman year. I have already mapped out my daily route for my classes, have bought most of my essential school supplies, and prepared for my courses. I still need to buy a backpack! For some reason I have always enjoyed buying a new backpack, and am still looking for a reliable and comfortable one. Also since school is starting, I have made new goals. I want to set a weekly/monthly budget on how much I can spend on luxuries (food, coffee, ect.)! I must become organized with saving and budgeting my money. I wanted to make a financial goal since I recently got my first car! Looking at my school schedule, a vehicle became a necessity. Yes, there were other transportation methods but the most convenient for me and my family was getting my own car. I need to save up for both school and car payments. That is my financial goal. As for my educational goals, like every year my goal is to stay organized. Organizing my time and tasks. I want to continue having a positive attitude and stay determined. The change of environment and format could be hard for me the first few days, but I want to stay optimistic. My goal is to find new ways to stay motivated. This was my goal when I started the online format and is now one of my goals going in-person. I am eager to start! 

“Just keep swimming” -Dory. 

Wish me luck!

April: Freshman year Conclusion


I hope everyone has been doing great! I cannot believe I am done with school in a week! Time went by so fast, it is so hard to believe it! Finals are during the first week of May, very exciting…This year was a really unique one. Having to take all my classes online was a bit of a challenge but a good experience. Many have said that they wish to go back to in-person classes but I on the other hand will miss it. Although it was challenging at first, I got quite fond of it. I will miss being able to complete assignments on my own time and staying indoors. As an introvert, this experience was quite, I shall say, lovely! By staying indoors I spent more time with my family and was able to be more independent. 

My spring break was later than most districts and schools. During my break I know I made it my goal to go out and explore, but unfortunately all I did was work. Though I did go out in my backyard to chill, I will count that as going outdoors (although it’s not hiking or biking like I said I wanted to do). Also, thinking back, the weather wasn’t all that great during that week. We had lightning storms and strong winds! After break, teachers were forced to cramp all the remaining lectures and assignments in three weeks. This was not fun. I had so many essays to do as well as so much reading! The topics we were learning about were interesting, and it’s a bummer that those lessons were rushed. One of my favorite final assignments was creating a comic. In my world Literature class we had a comic unit. We had the option to create an analytic paper for the comic we were reading, or create our own comic that connects to our experience in a historical moment. I chose to do the creative option! The historical moment I chose was when I served as an election judge for the presidential election. Every election in a way is historical, but the 2020 election was definitely a memorable one. The reasons are: occuring during a pandemic- everyone wearing masks- and making history by breaking the record of having the most voters than any other U.S. elections, 

Like I said before, I have finished with two of my courses. All that is left to do until the semester is over is to complete two exams for my Calculus class and a written final and essay! One class I am worried about is my Calculus class.  I am quite nervous about the exams just because there are so many parts to them (written, oral, and online test). After completing those assignments, which will be thursday, May 6th, I will have officially finished my freshman year of college! I cannot wait, I’m proud of myself for staying strong and persevering through hardships! Thank you for your continuous support! Looking forward to sharing more of my experiences 😀